Water Conservation Requested

Water officials are asking people to stop their dripping faucets — a measure aimed at avoiding a pipe freeze — now in the wake of severe weather.

At this time, meteorologist Jeff Lindner with Harris County said the importance of stopping the drip is two-fold: Temperatures are no longer at levels that will result in pipes freezing and pressure on water systems is “dangerously low” due to broken pipes and power outages. He said it’s important for everyone to conserve as much water as possible.

Please help maintain the stability of the water system and minimize water usage as much as possible.

Precautionary Parkway UD Boil Water Notice

A precautionary boil water notice is now in effect in the Houston region until further notice due to multiple power interruptions and reduced water system pressure.

For residents who do not have power to boil water, you are advised to use bottled water for consumption.

Again, please be advised that this is a precautionary (not mandatory) measure.

Parkway UD Trash Service – Wed., Feb 17

Due to the current weather situation, we will not have trash picked up on Wednesday, February 17th. Our next scheduled trash day will be Saturday, February 20th. Due to increased trash volume, Direct Waste may not be able to pick up everyone’s trash on Saturday so please leave it out for pick up on Sunday.