Meeting Agenda 2018-12-18


DECEMBER 18, 2018

In accordance with Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, take notice that the Board of Directors of Parkway Utility District will meet in a regular session, open to the public at the District’s office located at 12843 Tidwell Road, Houston, Texas 77044, at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, to discuss, review, consider and act upon the following:

  1. Public Comment;
  2. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of November 20, 2018;
  3. Tax Assessor/Collector’s Report, including:
    a. Status of collections and pay bills from Tax Account; and
    b. Delinquent Tax Roll;
  4. Engineer’s Report, including:
    a. Update on status of Beltway 8 Waterline Extension;
    b. Update on status of Water Plant Improvements Project;
    c. Update on status of project to clean and televise sanitary sewer trunk lines;
    d. Update on status of Flushing Plan;
    e. Update on replacement of manhole near Van Hut Lift Station;
    f.  Update on elevated storage tank variance;
    g. Review draft capital improvement plan;
    h. Update on request for service from Sunrise Plastic;
    1. Approve feasibility study for Global New Millennium Development;
    J. Discuss Sheldon Independent School District water line project;
    k. Discuss inspections of District Lift Stations;
    1. Update on status of fire suppression line at Forest Park Apartments;
    m. Update on Rutherford Park Apartments;
    n. Update on request of change in project scope and release of escrowed funds; and
    o. Update on preparation of bond application report no. 16;
  5. Bookkeeper’s Report, including:
    a. Review of financial condition and investments;
    b. Approve payment of bills;
    c. Adopt resolution declaring intent to reimburse certain expenditures paid out of the Operations Fund; and
    d. Approve Order Adopting Operating Budget for Fiscal Year Ending (“FYE”) December 31, 2019;
  6. Operator’s Report, including:
    a. Review of water plant operations;
    b. Discuss customer billing procedures;
    c. Approve terminations of service and/or write-offs of delinquent accounts; and
    d. Status of FEMA claims;
  7. PUD/GUD Joint Facilities, including:
    a. Review Wastewater Treatment Plant (“WWTP”) operations;
    b. Approve Order Adopting Budget for WWTP FYE December 31, 2019;
    c. Status ofWWTP design;
    d. Review Surface Water Transmission Facility (“SWTF”) operations;
    e. Approve Order Adopting Budget for SWTF FYE December 31, 2019;
    f. Approve Proposal for Professional Engineering Services for GUD/PUD Waterline Upgrade Along Tidwell Road; and
    g. Status of Tidwell Road widening project;
  8. Attorney’s Report, including:
    a. Approve Amended and Restated WWTP Agreement with Greenwood Utility District;
    b. Authorize Eminent Domain reporting compliance pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 2206.151-157, as amended;
    c. Approve Amended District Information Form (Park Bond authority); and
    d. Review Annual Agenda for 2019;
  9. Discuss dates for individual meetings with District consultants to review contracts; and
  10. Executive Session, as necessary;
    a. As may be permitted by Sec. 551.072, Texas Gov’t Code, concerning real estate, security, or matters involving attorney-client privilege;
    b. Reconvene in Open Session; and
    c. Vote on matters discussed in Executive Session, if any.
December 18, 2018 Agenda Signature

December 18, 2018 Agenda Signature