Waterline Flushing Notice

Flushing of the District’s water lines will be performed during the following 5 days: Monday, June 17 through Friday, June 21, 2019.

Parkway Utility District’s water and wastewater operating company, Municipal District Services (MDS), is conducting a comprehensive water line flushing program throughout the neighborhood. MDS will begin at 8:00 A.M. on June 17 and continue throughout the day until 4 P.M. on each of the 5 above dates. The flushing will continue until all of the water lines have been flushed.

What is flushing?

Flushing is a process that rapidly removes water from the District’s water piping system, similar to the process of flushing a car’s radiator. Flushing uses water force to scour out materials that accumulate in the District’s pipes. Water pipes are usually flushed by opening fire hydrants, where the discharged water flows off the streets the same as rainwater.

Why are we flushing?

Imagine driving down the road at less than 1-1/2 miles per hour. That’s about the rate that water moves through underground pipes. This slow movement causes sediment like rust and mineral particles to build up over time and accumulate along the pipe’s bottom. A build up of bacteria known as “biofilm” can also coat the pipe’s inner surface. This combination of sediment and bacteria can restrict water flow in the pipes and contribute to the pipe corroding. Rapid water pressure changes, such as water main breaks and the use of fire hydrants, can stir up the sediment and dislodge deposits lining the pipe, resulting in “discolored water” appearance. Periodically flushing water pipes removes the sediment and biofilm buildup, maintains our District’s infrastructure and assures consistent good quality water.

Isn’t flushing a waste of water?

No. Any overall increase in the amount of water used in flushing is a small price to pay in maintaining water quality and the integrity of the piping system.

How will this affect you?

Usually, you will not be aware that flushing is even taking place in your neighborhood. Flushing is generally conducted between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Approximately half of the District’s fire hydrants will be opened to flush the water pipes. It takes about 30 minutes to flush each hydrant. While the hydrant is being flushed, the homes on that block may experience discolored water or a drop in water pressure. Your water service should not be interrupted. If you have no water pressure, please notify MDS at 281-290-6503. The only sign that a crew has been in your neighborhood may be standing water in the roadway.

What should you do if you turned on a faucet and the water coming out is discolored?

Should a reddish, yellow, or brown tint to the water appear, do not be alarmed. It is recommended you do not use the water or do laundry for about two hours; this will give the sediment time to settle. After you have waited for this time period, run your faucets for about five minutes to make sure the water is clear. If the water does not clear within a couple of hours, notify MDS at 281-290-6503 24-hours per day.

The District will not be responsible for damages to clothing, etc.


Municipal District Services, LLC
24-Hour Service (report repairs and emergencies): 281-290-6503
Customer Care & Billing: 281-290-6507

Parkway Utility District (the District) Water is Safe for Consumption

The water is supplied by the City of Houston. The standard protocol set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are followed, which includes collecting and analyzing water samples. The District publishes an Annual Drinking Water Report which shows all parameters.

All results are within the set parameters of the TCEQ and EPA.

For additional information please contact the District Operator, Municipal District Services at 281-290-6507.

Proposed Overall Parks and Recreational Master Plan

Proposed Overall Parks and Recreational Master Plan
Date: October 3, 2018

Prepared by:

Murr Incorporated
11803 Grant Rd. Ste. 208
Cypress, Texas 77429

(p) 281.257.3375
(f) 281.376.4833


Parkway Utility District (the “District”) is authorized by Article IV, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution and Texas Water Code Section 49.461 to develop a parks and recreational master plan (the “Park Plan”), issue park bonds to financing the construction of the facilities contained in the plan (the “Facilities”) and to levy and assess a tax on all taxable property in the District to pay the principle and interest on such bonds and to pay operational and maintenance expenses associated with the Facilities.

The District desires to implement the Park Plan as an overall comprehensive plan that is comprised of the following components:

  • Link integrated community trails system
  • Implement linear parks adjacent to the trails for passive and active recreation
  • Landscape and irrigation enhancements to portions of the trails and parks system

These improvements will serve the parks and recreational needs of the residents of the District. Each of these items adds to the overall community green space and the overall pedestrian experience in relationship to the community. Attachment 1 indicates a summary of the overall preliminary Park Plan for the District.

Overall Description

The community trails portion of the Park Plan reflects a six- and eight-foot hike and bike trail along the common corridors, reserves, and utility easements throughout the District to connect the various neighborhoods together. The goal is to provide additional recreational areas to benefit all of the communities in the District. The public spaces will be utilized as the hubs in each area. All community trails lead to the neighborhoods’ parks. The community trails system with park ideas to the neighborhoods is shown on Attachment 1.

The linear park development portion of the Park Plan may include areas for items such as additional trails, exercise equipment, pavilions, open space, benches, trash receptacles, concrete sidewalks, landscape planting, lawn and irrigation.

Estimated Construction Costs

The total estimated cost of the Facilities and related landscape architecture, engineering and issuance costs is approximately $9.7 million prior to estimated inflation adjustments as shown on Attachment 2.

Conclusion and Disclaimer

This Park Plan is based on the best cost and development information as of this date. Because of the uncertainty in the Harris County residential housing and commercial markets, changes in land use planning could affect the location, size and cost of components of the Park Plan. Furthermore, the District’s ability to issue bonds to finance the proposed improvements may be limited by provisions of state law relating to such indebtedness.

Because of these uncertainties and limitations, the District reserves the right to construct only certain portions of the Facilities included within this Park Plan or to modify the size, scope or location of any of the proposed Facilities.

To conclude, the Park Plan is an overall comprehensive plan that describes each and every water amenity, large park, community trail, and additional roadway landscape and irrigation currently proposed for the District. Each of the items defined in the Park Plan add to the overall community green space and the overall pedestrian experience in relationship to the community.

Proposed Parks and Recreational Master Plan

Proposed Parks and Recreational Master Plan

Table: Summary of Costs - Future Park Bond Issue

Table: Summary of Costs – Future Park Bond Issue


Proposed Overall Parks and Recreational Master Plan (PDF)
Proposed Overall Parks and Recreational Master Plan (Word)